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08 digital marketing trends in 2021



08 digital marketing trends in 2021

2020 was not an easy year: a pandemic, reduced demand in many sectors of the economy, and downtime. People are increasingly solving business online: they work, buy goods, order services. This leads to the emergence of new trends in digital marketing.

1. Adaptation of contextual advertising to voice search

Alice, Siri, Google Assistant – every year voice assistants are becoming more in demand among users.Foreign statistics show that:

  • 60% of smartphone users have used voice search at least once;
  • grocery purchases account for 20% of voice orders;
  • According to forecasts, turnover from voice purchases in 2022 will amount to $ 40 billion.

With the help of voice assistants, users are already looking for restaurants, buying groceries, ordering home delivery, etc. Therefore, adaptation of contextual advertising to voice search gives advertisers a competitive advantage in the fight for the target audience and allows them to take the first positions in search results by voice.

2. Smart campaigns in advertising systems

Google strives to automate the process of setting up advertising campaigns and their management as much as possible. Standard campaigns are already using automatic bid management. But you can go even further and  launch a smart campaign on the display and search engine .Smart campaigns are automated campaigns in which the system itself sets targeting settings, adjusts bids, selects ad display locations, and compiles an ad based on the user’s interests.

3. Zero-click

Zero-click appeared on Google and Yandex searches – extended snippets or response blocks on top SERPs that respond to a user’s request without a click. Typically, information is displayed in the form of maps, graphs, diagrams, statistical summaries, videos, etc.

4. Alternative advertising sites

In 2020, due to the pandemic, people began to spend more time on social media. This makes promotion on Facebook, Instagram, VKontakte, Tik Tok and other social networks more profitable for advertisers.

In addition to all well-known social networks, new advertising platforms appear. So, in 2020, the Spotify streaming platform launched, which is a new channel for attracting customers for advertisers.

5. Marketing without cookies

By 2022, Google plans to disable cookie support in the Chrome browser. The main reason is to protect the confidentiality of users’ personal data.

This news completely changes the approach to collecting customer data. Disabling cookies will especially affect new campaigns that have not yet collected enough data about their customers and have used third-party data for this purpose.

How cookies are used:

  • to display and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising in remarketing;
  • to track conversions in Google Ads;
  • to determine the paths for users to go to the site and their further actions on it.

6. Multichannel marketing

The more promotion channels a company uses, the more opportunities it has to attract the target audience and increase sales. Therefore, most organizations use at least 2-3 marketing channels. This can be a website, email, offline sales, social media, contextual, targeted or external advertising, PR, events, etc.

For example, an online women’s clothing store uses the following marketing channels: website, offline sales, call center, email, instant messengers.

7. Influencer marketing

In 2021, influencer marketing may become a separate media channel that goes beyond tactical problem solving. By 2022, the turnover in the industry may reach 15 billion dollars.

8. Mobile applications

In the first half of 2020, users around the world spent 1.6 trillion hours with their smartphones . And time spent in retail shopping apps grew by  20% . These trends suggest that businesses need to not only be translated online, but also be mobile-friendly.

The following applications are most in demand among users:

  • food delivery;
  • online training;
  • entertainment;
  • online shopping;
  • games.

It is important to understand that the app is not an independent source of income. But it is a useful tool that allows you to reach the target audience that does not want to return to the usual shopping. Therefore, it is important to include the development of a mobile application in the development strategy, if you have not already done so.

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