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10 things every parent can do to keep their kids safe online



10 things every parent can do to keep their kids safe online

As parents, you take care of everything in your kid’s activities. You ensure that your kid remains safe and healthy. When you are so appropriate on everything, how can I forget about your kid’s online safety? Your kid needs your complete attention when using the internet because you have to keep an eye on his online activities. 

Here are the ten tips for getting started with cyber security for your kids. 

Talk openly with Your Kid About Online activities.

You do not need to hide things or social media problems because if he is using it, he must know both the brights and downsides of it. Talk openly about your kid’s online activities with him so that he knows where he needs improvement. Don’t burden things; keep it lighter and friendly so your kid can conveniently share everything with you. 

Keep an eye on screens and Devices.

Always keep all the devices and screens in front of you or where you can keep an eye. Because this is the significant aspect of knowing what your kid is doing online, how can you protect your kid then? 

Know your Parental Control

You do not need to be a strict parent, but you always know how to control the situation. You must have parental control over your kids, and they follow everything you tell them to do. 

Know Who Your Children’s Online Friends Are

Nowadays, the world is full of fake people with fake friendships that can negatively impact your kids. To protect your kids from such circumstances, you should always know your kid’s online friends and what sort of chat they do every day. 

Being Share Aware of Every Activity

If your kid regularly uses social media, he must be aware of all the sharing rules and procedures. However still, he is unaware of threats of publication of your personal information. Hence make sure to guide your kid about what to share and what not to share on social media. 

Keep Control of Digital Footprint

Be your family’s footprint by teaching your kids that you should not share your pictures and personal information with everyone. Teach your kids that you can only share your photos and communication with those whom you know personally. 

Teach your Kids to Keep their Location Private

Various apps have online tracking software that generates your online location automatically, and with its help, one can conveniently approach. Always teach your kids to turn off the GPS while using social media or doing anything online. So that your private location remains private and you do not face any difficulty. 

Keep Track of your Kid’s Online Time

Ensure that your 5-17 age kids do not use the screen for more than two hours. Not constant two hours, it should be done with breaks. Also, make sure to switch off the internet every day and make a rule to spend one screen-free day so that everyone can enjoy the day doing some physical activities. 

Be Social Network Savvy

For teaching your kids, you must be aware of everything happening on social media. Hence make social media accounts and keep a check on all the activities happening around so that you can control your kids about what to watch and whatnot. 

Lead with Example

Always lead with an example, but examples should be inspiring. You should not tease your kids by taking other kid’s names. No kid likes his parents liking someone else more than them. Hence, it would be best to always lead with admiring examples that can positively change your kid. 






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