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10 Ways to Promote Tourism in Pakistan



Everyone is familiar with the word tourism. Every country has its renowned places worth visiting here in Pakistan. You will get a massive list of sites that need your attention, and you must see them at least once. But unfortunately, we do not have the primary resources to promote our tourism. But despite all the challenges, we are here to share the ten best ways to promote tourism in Pakistan. 

10 Best Ways to Promote Tourism in Pakistan


1- Social Media

In this modern age where everything is just a click away, social media is undoubtedly the most significant source to promote helpful stuff. This way, we can promote tourism with exceptional photography skills and cinematography. Also, we can upload them on YouTube vlog channels and can promote tourism in Pakistan. Social media is easily accessible to everyone and is free of cost. Uploading pictures of beautiful and eye-pleasing landscapes of Pakistan on your blog or Instagram page is beneficial in this regard.

2- Culture

Nowadays every tourist loves to explore the cultures of different countries. Luckily Pakistan has a rich culture that everyone will surely love. In Pakistan, we celebrate a lot of festivals every year. Our folk festival is the most renowned one. Pakistanis wait for the folk festival throughout the year. 

3- Pakistani Food

Asian countries are renowned for their spicy foods. Pakistan is among them as we have a huge variety of sweet and savory desi dishes filled with flavors to calm your taste buds. Our most famous dishes are saag, Makki ki roti, biryani, paaye, lassi, gulab jamun, etc., even foreigners enjoy our exceptional food. 

4- Providing Safety to Tourists

Safety should always be on priority. Everyone loves to visit that place where the protection and safety of the tourist is the native’s responsibility. Pakistanis are kind-hearted people with love and support in their hearts. You will love our hospitality and our safety measures for tourists. Also, you have to ensure that the tourists remain protected in your country if you want to promote tourism in Pakistan. 

5- Guidance about Tourism

In Pakistan, very few people know everything about Pakistan and can work as a guide. There should be some degree programs or short courses for tourists to get the best guide about which place is worth visiting in Pakistan.

6- Pakistani Music

It says that “arts and talent have no boundaries,” hence breaking the boundaries Pakistan has a rich artistic culture. Even if the language is not understandable, the beat and the music are so musical that they fascinate people. It would work for captivating the attention of tourists towards Pakistan.

7- Partnership Strategy

Earn from getting into partnership with all those organizations that work for promoting tourism in Pakistan. This will help everyone to avail the best services and remain attracted towards your country and hospitality. 

8- The Main Attraction of the Country

Every country has some unique and most attractive places to visit. You should always keep them in your main lists and post pictures of these places on websites and social media platforms to catch people’s attention. 

9- Having a Captivating Website

When anyone plans to visit your country, they first see it digitally and then physically. So always ensure that you have made websites for promoting tourism in your country. Excellent photography skills and content will also help in boosting your country’s culture and tourism. 

10- SEO Strategy

It is one of the best ways to have an attractive website that appears on the top searches. For this, SEO is incredibly crucial, and you should publish SEO-optimized content to give it a perfect reach and ranking. 


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