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I have now viewed the technical audit and have been made aware of what needs to be done.

Please work onto it to make the necessary changes to keep site healthy and google friendly.

As we spoke on the phone earlier to make the changes on the site. Please see below :

a. To add the product filters on the collection pages showing brands, price, flavour and colour etc.

b. To add the sale or offer banners on the homepage linking to the product page.

c. To add the pagination i.e, auto loading products on the collection page if we can custom code it or via app whichever works better.

d. To add read more section on the collection page content either on the top or bottom. Either way if that makes the UX better.

e. Change on the layout of the homepage if we can add sub-categories of the devices on the kits section or the flavour under E-Liquid section. Please advise.
Website references. ,

f. Please relate to the attachment from my previous agencies work on the schemas and content for its usability and implement them on the site. We have the schemas and 4 blog contents laid out in the email which I have already posted one yesterday.

I would like you guys to have a look into the above points and come back to me if we can make it happen. It would be appreciated if you can recommend me what can be done better in order for the site to rank in a healthy manner.

Lastly, for future emails. Could you please send me the emails over

I look forward to hearing from you.