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Extend your phone’s battery life – get quick tips



Extend your phone’s battery life – get quick tips

Living our lives without phones is something next to impossible. We have a major reliance on phone usage and try our best to keep them working. Some of the people use to change their phone regularly but most of people like to use one phone for long due to their unlimited data and contacts. They prefer to keep the performance of phone boosted and get the best out of their phone. Phone’s battery is one of the critical parts. Your phone usage and utility is directly connected to the phone’s battery. It is necessary to have good battery life and do some quick tricks for keeping the battery work for long.

Here come some tried and approved tips to extend your battery’s life span and let you to enjoy the best battery life of your phone.

Understand the battery degrades

To rescue the battery life it is necessary for you to note down the process of battery degrades in the first place. After every charge cycle, the battery of your phone degrades with a specific ratio. People with the maximum usage of battery and use to charge it after 0% to the 100% likely to degrade battery rapidly. If you charge the battery between 30% to 80% then it will help you to slow down the degrading process.

Avoid fast charging

Using and extremely fast charger from a third party on regular basis reduce the battery life. It is necessary to use the company made regular charger with the phone to get the power up. You can use the fast charging option only when there is an extensive need for that.

Phone charging with energy bank.

Do not change phone’s temperature quickly

If the phone is heated due to extensive usage or sun exposure then do not try to cool is instantly. You need to leave it for a while in a moderate environment. It helps the battery to get cool down gradually and do not stress on its components.

Reduce the screen brightness

To keep the life of battery for long time you need to avoid any extra stress on it as well. The screen brightness is the common feature in phone that consumes energy. To reduce the power stress on battery it is good to keep the screen brightness low so it will help you to use the battery for long hours. The manual low brightness helps you generally with power saving.

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