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How to buy property online



how to buy property online

During the quarantine period, people did not stop buying apartments, but transactions with views almost completely moved  online . 

Seller reputation

You can buy an apartment online both in a new building and in the secondary market. Each case has its own , which will be discussed further, but you always need to check the reputation of the second party to the transaction – a real estate agency, realtor, developer, owner. Therefore, it is recommended to study all the design and permissive documentation for the residential complex of interest, and also read the reviews about this company / specialist on the Internet.

If you buy a home directly from its owner, you should take an extract . It contains the main characteristics of the apartment and the current list of its owners. Order a document on the website. It will also be correct to ask the seller to provide a fresh certificate of his legal capacity . This is a delicate moment, however, such a certificate can become a guarantor that the validity of the concluded sales contract will not be challenged later.

Choice of housing

If earlier, in order to get acquainted with a future apartment in a new building, you had to go to the sales office, then everything went into quarantine online. Other virtual options have been added to the traditional construction site cameras, which can be used to assess the dynamics of construction and the architectural appearance of buildings. “Some developers have created 3D tours that allow you to walk around the complex, enter the lobby and the apartment, and appreciate the views from the windows,” All this is easy to take advantage of even after the lifting of restrictive measures.

When purchasing a “secondary housing” remotely, you can also ask the seller / realtor to conduct an online broadcast from the selected apartment. At the same time, it is important that the video shows the house itself, the address plate on it, the entrance to the staircase, the floor, the apartment number. Such a detailed report should confirm that you are being sold exactly the apartment for which you agreed.


If you are satisfied with the accommodation, the next step is remote booking. You can reserve your favorite lot in a new building by phone or on the website of the developer company. At the same stage, you need to send to the seller, for example, to the same manager of the LCD sales department, documents for drawing up an equity participation agreement (passport data, SNILS).

Type of documents

When buying an apartment online, all documents must also be online. In particular, papers certified by a notary (initially they are drawn up personally). “If the client has drawn up the notarial consent of the spouse to sell the apartment, he still needs to attach his identity with the same notary. That is, to receive confirmation that the scan of the document is a scan of this consent, ”


If you are going to buy an apartment using mortgage funds, be prepared that this stage is least susceptible to digitalization. So at this stage, it will not be possible to fully transfer the transaction online. “The Central Bank has softened the requirements for the identification of borrowers, but only a few banks offer progressive solutions. For example, you can get a mortgage online by signing documents using an electronic digital signature (EDS) at the  bank, and the bank has launched an exit mortgage program. However, in the majority of credit organizations it is still impossible to do without a personal visit to the branch, 

EDS, or electronic digital signature

To conclude online, you will need an electronic digital signature, or EDS for short. This term denotes a special program that performs the function of an electronic document requisite, which in turn protects it from counterfeiting. “Simply put, this is your signature, only in the form of a special computer program (EDS is written on a USB flash drive). It is unique and is kept only by you. And you can get an EDS at a certification center accredited by the Ministry of Communications of the Pakistan  Federation in the region of your residence, However, during quarantine, many buyers faced the difficulty of issuing an EDS: not all institutions accredited to issue a signature continued to work. In this case, it was possible to obtain a signature from the developer company. The developer has the right to issue an EDS after providing him with the appropriate admission by the certification center. Electronic digital signatures are of three types and differ in the degree of protection. The most reliable is considered to be an enhanced qualified EDS, which is used in real estate transactions. “An electronic document signed with such a signature is similar to a paper document that you signed with your own hand. When using such a signature, it is also possible to establish whether the document was changed after it was signed,

Payment for the transaction

After signing all the necessary documents that you received from the second party to the transaction in the form of links to mail or SMS, you need to open an escrow account. This account is blocked: the developer / seller will not have access to the money until the end of construction and the transfer of the apartment to you. The procedure for its opening can also be carried out remotely. “A bank employee comes to the buyer to open an escrow account. But before the start of the state registration of the agreement, the client needs to remotely open a letter of credit account through the secure payment service and transfer funds to it. Further, the contract is submitted through the electronic registration service, after the completion of which the amount is automatically transferred to the account If you want to buy online secondary housing, in order to reduce the risks, insist on settling only through a blocked letter of credit, safe deposit box or nominal account. In this case, in the conditions of access to money, be sure to indicate the signed acceptance certificate of the apartment.

Risks and difficulties

Experts agree that there are no risks as such when buying a home from a distance in new buildings. The same cannot be said about the same procedure, but already on the secondary market. In this case, there are many more pitfalls (for example, before acquiring an object, it is imperative to carry out its legal examination) and unscrupulous sellers. In addition, despite the convenience (you can buy an apartment in another region without leaving your own), online transactions are not suitable for all buyers. “It is psychologically difficult for many to decide to give several million “ blindly ”for real estate that exists for them only in the form of a render. It cannot yet be said that in the near future all transactions for the purchase and sale of real estate will be carried out only online. The market is not yet ready for this: not all banks accept electronic signatures, and when using government support programs in the purchase of housing, the personal presence of the buyer is required. However, experts are optimistic about the future and admit the possibility of switching from offline to online; only on condition that all participants in the process – developers, real estate agencies, notaries, banks – are 100% prepared.

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