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How to Create an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy



How to Create an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Successful advertising campaigns take time and effort to develop and implement.

6 factors to consider:

1. Exact target

A strategy is essentially a plan that outlines one or more goals and how to achieve them. Campaign development begins with figuring out what exactly is needed or what is lacking in a particular brand. For example, it could be an x% increase in sales of a certain product in 12 months.

2. Buyer’s portrait

Understanding your target market is essential for successful advertising campaigns. To create a portrait of a buyer, you can and even should cooperate with the sales department and colleagues working directly with clients in order to collect as much information as possible (experience, positions, needs, problems, possible solutions, etc.).

3. Competitor analysis

Before buying, consumers use online sources to find out as much as possible about a company, product or service. When collecting data, they will also see your competitors as a way to solve their problem.

To increase the likelihood of cooperation with your company, you need to analyze other players in the market. Find out all about their offerings, how well their value is shown. Study social networks, blogs, audience, interaction with it – all this will help to see the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, which can then be used in developing a campaign.

4. Buyer’s journey

Observing visitor actions from the moment they visit the site to the purchase of the product will help in developing a strategy to increase the number of buyers. Thanks to this, you can get to know the potential client better: his needs, what influences the decision, what problems he faces, etc. Knowing the buyer’s journey allows you to evaluate and then improve the passage of each stage, gradually building trust with him.

5. Choosing digital marketing channels

Digital marketing channels are plentiful and growing. Choosing the right one depends on the desired goal and target audience. For example, you can use website, email, LinkedIn and Twitter to promote a B2B company. At the same time, B2C should focus on social. networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

6. Choosing Online Marketing Tactics

For each tactic, certain tools are used, with the help of which they communicate with the target audience, study it and, as a result, achieve the desired result.


What is digital marketing?

The term “digital marketing” refers to an effective tool that is used to popularize goods or brands using modern digital technologies. In the process of work, they use not only traditional Internet marketing tools, but also other digital tools: POS terminals, smart gadgets, etc.

What channels does digital marketing use?

To improve product sales and brand awareness, they use traditional SEO, contextual advertising, banners and pop-ups, promotion through television and radio (including online), SMS mailings and QR codes. They actively use native and viral advertising, writing press releases, affiliate programs, push notifications, etc.

How to choose digital marketing tools and channels?

It all depends on the promoted product and the audience for which it is designed. For young people, promotion through social networks and video advertising is suitable, for middle-aged people – through bloggers and opinion leaders. In any case, an integrated approach is needed to reach all possible audiences. This will help you get the most out of your marketing procedures.


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