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How to Create or Use An Apple ID Without a Credit Card?



How to Create or use an Apple ID without a Credit Card?

You can create an Apple ID without specifying a payment method. You can also delete payment methods associated with an existing Apple ID.

Apple recommends using a single Apple ID to access iTunes, ICloud, and other Apple services. If you have forgotten your Apple ID, follow this link to find it.

If you do not have an Apple ID, you can create one without a payment method.

You can also delete payment methods previously added to your Apple ID.

If You Already Have An Apple ID

You can delete payment methods associated with your current Apple ID after logging into the App Store, iTunes Store, or Apple Books. You will not be prompted to specify a payment method until you make your first purchase. Learn what to do if you can not remove your last payment method from your Apple ID.

If you are the family manager of a family sharing group and want to share your purchases with your family, you are asked to specify at least one payment method. You must also add one to set up accounts for children. Get more information about family sharing and Apple IDs for kids.

If you do not have an Apple ID You can create apple id without credit card in the App Store on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or on a Mac or PC.

On an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Open the App Store and find a free app.

Touch the Get button.

When Prompted to Sign in With an Apple ID, tap Create Apple ID.

Follow the instructions that appear on the screen. When entering your payment information, select none. Learn how to proceed if none is not displayed or you cannot select it.

Once you have entered your information, you are asked to confirm a trusted phone number if you are eligible for two-factor identification. Otherwise, you are prompted to confirm your Apple ID by email. You will only be able to use your identifier once this formality has been completed.

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