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How to Protect Your iPhone in Different Ways



How to Protect Your iPhone in Different Ways

Here are some tips on how to protect iPhone:

1.Secure it from Hackers and Identify Thieves

2.Extend its Useful Life

3.Protect it from Physical Damage

Data Security

Here is a list of important tasks that you can do to protect your data and privacy:

Update your operating system:

If you’re ignoring messages to download the latest updates to iOS, it’s a huge mistake. Hackers and identity thieves are always on a lookout for loopholes in the system. As such, it is easier to exploit these loopholes on older versions. By updating your operating system, Apple developers ensure that there are no such loopholes left to exploit.

Activate Find my iPhone

Always make sure to activate “Find my iPhone” application after you buy the phone. If your phone is lost, you can safely delete the data on the phone so that no one else can use it for their criminal activities. The data is easily erased by accessing the application from another iOS or using the Internet.

Use longer passwords

Never use a short 4 or 5-digit password. Short passwords can be hacked using such applications as Gray Key. Hackers often use these applications to access a short password because it can only take a few hours to decode a 4-digit password. Similarly, a 6-digit password can take an entire day; whereas, 10-digit passwords will take almost a decade to unlock. Therefore, it is important to use long passwords that are a mix of numbers and characters.

Don’t open unknown links

Hackers are using sophisticated techniques to hack into smartphone accounts. One of the easiest methods used by hackers is to send an email that looks like a real email sent from a popular company like Google, Amazon or Yahoo. The email page is a perfect imitation of the popular brand. Opening links from these pages can harm your phone or even provide unwanted access to hackers. As a result, don’t open links that you don’t need to.

Turn off Siri

Siri is a great tool that offers Apple users an option to use their hands-free. However, it’s relatively easier for hackers to intercept data transfers on such devices. To stop identity thieves from accessing your personal data, make sure to turn off access to Siri when not in use. You can do that by going to Settings > Touch ID and Passcode, and turning off “Access when locked” button.

Extend the life of your Smartphone

You can increase the life of your phone by taking care of it. Following are some of the best practices that explain how to protect your phone from internal damage:


Use Touch ID or Face ID:

Using fingerprints and facial recognition technology is not only important to protect your phone, but it also stops children and family members from using it excessively. If touch ID and Facial recognition is turned on, it will reduce unwanted access that is otherwise easier using passwords.

Prolong Battery Life:

Increasing battery life automatically increases the value that you can get from your smartphone. If possible, allow the battery to discharge completely before charging it. Understandably, it’s easier said than done; therefore, always re-charge your phone periodically when the battery is 75% full.

Don’t wait for the battery to go down to 25% before charging it. If you regularly charge phone battery when it’s 25% full, it will last only 500 charges. In contrast, if you recharge your phone once the battery is 75%, the charging capacity increases to 2,500 charges.

Take Advantage of Cloud Storage:

While the storage capacity of a smartphone has increased tremendously, users are also downloading gigantic files to their smartphones. As a result, it’s not uncommon to fiddle aimlessly with your phone, which can reduce its functionality

Use cloud storage to store your memories and precious data. It will not only keep your phone in prime condition but also protect your memories and data from hackers and thieves.


Protection from Physical Damage:

If unprotected, a split-second of carelessness can cause permanent damage to the phone. Since it’s not uncommon to lose a grip on the phone, it makes sense to invest in protective gear that can save our precious investment. Here are some ideas to explore:

Get a Phone Case:

There are plenty of protective phone covers for phones. Depending on your specific need, you should get a phone case of your choice as soon as possible. These cases can resist fall from several meters above the ground ensuring the safety of the product. For additional comfort, some of these covers also offer water and dustproof casing.

Buy a Screen Protector:

A screen guard protects your mobile from scratches and broken glass. Just like the protective cover, you can easily find a variety of screen guards. A standard screen guard is a thin-coating that can easily protect scratches on the screen. However, if you need stronger protection, it’s recommended to buy tempered screen guard, which can save your phone screen from breaking. The tempered screen protector usually costs a few dollars more than the standard cover, but it is worth every penny. RANVOO phone accessories is a reputable marketplace to buy quality screen guards.


Do not keep your Mobile in the Pocket:

We often put our phones in our pockets when jogging or using a bathroom. Your smartphone is most vulnerable in these conditions because humidity, water damage, and colors are the prime culprits that can make the phone malfunction within seconds. Next time, stay away from putting your phone in a precarious situation.

While these are not the only ways how to protect your phone, these steps will ensure that your phone is protected from all angles. Sometimes, we are just lazy thinking that there is always time to buy protective gear and install updates; however, bad luck doesn’t wait for our decisions. Unfortunately, we can lose our expansive smartphone in a matter of seconds, if we continue to neglect it.

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