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Mobile Battery Saving Tricks For Traveling



Mobile battery saving tricks for traveling

When traveling you commonly carry a number of phone charging solutions such as carrying power banks, car chargers and more. However, on a few occasions you get to know about some useful tips to reduce your battery consumption while traveling. It helps you to use the phone for long hours without interruption. Here we got you some of the amazing and helpful tips that will make it easy for you to make the better use of your phone’s battery.

Turn off Automatic Wi-Fi___33

Internet and Wi-Fi seems to be out lifeline. Our phones have the function enabled that search and connect to the available Wi-Fi___33 networks automatically. The automatic Wi-Fi connectivity with the new or linked connections consumes more of the phone’s battery. If you phone is connected with internet it will keep running all the other aps on phone using the internet interface. It will lead your phone’s battery consumption to the maximum limit. You need to limit the internet connectivity in order to avoid this scenario.

Clear the Cache

Just like our computers, the mobile phones do have a cache memory. It will keep running the recently used applications for long time. Sometimes these applications are active for a little time and sometimes these use memory, battery and internet for long hours. You need to clear the cache to remove these applications from action.

Close the Running Apps in Background

Once you use the app on phone an exit it, even then it is running in the background. You need to get the phone to its optimized state. There are short combination and buttons available to close down the running apps. All you need is to just tap the buttons and the apps will be gone. Make sure to close all the background-running apps immediately to save battery while traveling.

Disable Google Assistant

Google assistant seems to be a great help for you at times. While, during traveling it can lead you to the excessive use of the battery. The app itself use the artificial intelligence and network interface to be responsive towards the commands. It means you can command the interface anytime. To reduce the battery consumption of your phone while traveling it is necessary to disable the automatic interface of Google assistant. You can access the assistant manually in the app or settings to take help for a little time.  For more information .


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