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Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Cooking



Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Cooking

Everybody is a chef until they enter a Kitchen. You do not need any professional assistance to cook anything. There are various tips and tricks following which you can become a phenomenal chef. Here are the ten best tips and tricks to become the best chef. 

  1. Get Firm Control on your chef’s knife For better control, firmly grip the handle from where you put on the thumb and the side of your index finger onto the side of the blade above the handle. Invest in a good chef’s knife. The chef’s knife gives you speed, control, and confidence. 
  2. Start with your favourite ingredients. It is always recommended to start with your favourite ingredients and cook anything you love to enjoy in the meal. This will help you in making an excellent and mouth-watering dish. 
  3. Use your hands. Hands are the most sensitive part of your body but using hands while cooking makes your dish tastier and mouthwatering. Using hands gives you confidence that whatever you are cooking will be the best dish ever. Also, it is said that your flavours come from your hand but do not forget to wash your hands. 
  4. Switch to sea salt but do not stick with it:  Always use sea salt when cooking because it has a better flavour than ordinary salt. It gives flavorful food. But you cannot stick to it for an extended period. Hence when you feel you are a pro chef, you can add regular table salt to your food. Also, adjust salt at the end of cooking. Do not overflood your meal with salt. 
  5. Don’t crowd the pan when sautéing.  Do not put too many ingredients or food in the pan while cooking. Always ensure that you can see the bottom of the pan to mix it conveniently, and every element gets cooked evenly. 
  6. Reduce liquids to concentrate flavour. Make gravy but do not overflow it. Always make thick gravy that gives a sauce-like feel. If your sauce is more watery, then it has a negative impact on the eater. 
  7. Bake pizza and tart base longer than you think. All the dough base should be over-baked because it made them crispy yet soft and thoroughly cooked. You will never feel that the food you have baked is under-cooked. 
  8. Let roasted meats rest before carving. Always try to take meat some rest before serving and cutting because it can keep it soft, tender, and juicy. In case you do it hurriedly, it will become dry.
  9. Add a splash of acid, lemon, or any citrus fruit to almost every vegetable or meat dish or fruit dessert at the last minute to enhance the flavour. It boosts up the flavours and makes it look super fresh and attractive for an extended period. 
  10. Trust Your Abilities whenever you try any new recipe. Never doubt yourself. Be confident and trust your abilities. Think that no one can cook this dish better than you. Because if you do not trust your abilities, no one else would ever trust your abilities.


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